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Get your air conditioner spruced up for the summer season. World Class Services can give your AC the attention it needs to keep you cool!

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Exploring nature in Puget Sound is enjoyable during the summer months. But true summer enjoyment only happens when the interior of your home is a cool and comfortable escape from the hot outdoors.

Keep your AC up to snuff this summer with help from a licensed and trained team in Lakewood, WA. World Class Services offers skilled workmanship, energy-efficient solutions, and flat-rate pricing to keep your cooling needs under control!

Our veteran-owned and operated company is passionate about treating customers with respect. We do this by giving sound advice and top-notch service. Call today and experience the difference our team can have on your AC. Be sure to mention if you’re military or first responder for special discounts!

Ready to get your comfort back in order? Head on over to our contact us page for immediate help and transparent pricing!

Is This an Air Conditioning Emergency?

A broken AC is more than just a hassle. If your household has family members who are disabled, elderly or very young, bigger health risks are at stake. Reliable warmth is essential in these situations during summer in Pierce County.

A problematic system can also threaten the structure of your house and the safety of your family with:

  • Dangerous refrigerant leaks
  • Fires from faulty wiring
  • Gas leaks
  • Carbon monoxide exposure
  • Physical damage to your equipment or home

Even minor problems can lead to more severe issues. That’s why we have technicians ready to help 24 hours a day. Don’t hesitate to call if you need an emergency AC service!

The Best Way to Prevent AC Problems

Many air conditioning issues can be avoided with the help of a qualified AC contractor. The secret to preventing big problems is by scheduling maintenance to your equipment before summer arrives.

A licensed and educated technician knows how to protect your system from complete malfunction. An annual AC tune up will increase efficiency and performance while saving you money in the long run. Besides cleaning, lubricating and inspecting the integrity of your system, an honest tech should make you aware of parts that are worn out, faulty, or need extra attention.

We’ll find the coolest solution for your home without breaking the bank! Check out our coupons for extra savings.

Pro Tips for Lowering Cooling Costs in the Summer

Get the most for your money and the best output from your heating system! Here are our professional recommendations for saving money and energy while keeping warm in the winter:

  • Invest in good insulation to keep cool air in
  • Seal up doors and windows to prevent energy waste
  • Close doors quickly behind you when entering or exiting your home
  • Close blinds during the day
  • Upgrade to a programmable thermostat
  • Consider zoned cooling to maximize efficiency
  • Change filters often to increase performance

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When you need reliable work and innovative solutions for cooling your home, call 253-343-0000. We have a team of experts for AC installation, maintenance, and repairs in Lakewood!