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3 Effective Tips For Improving Your Heat Pump's Functionality

Improving heat pump functionality

The heat pump has become a popular and preferred method of heating and cooling for households across the country. Ask any reputable heating contractor, and they'll tell you the demand continues to grow for plenty of justifiable reasons. The basic operation of a heat pump system is that it extracts warm air from the outside to pump it into your home in the winter and removes hot air from inside your home, sending it outside in the summer.

Heat pumps are energy-efficient, safe to operate, take up minimal space, and are quiet. However, as with any home comfort system, there are steps you can take to ensure that your heat pump provides you with peak performance and optimal longevity.

Getting The Most From Your Home Heat Pump

It starts from the moment you contract a company for installations; this determines how well your heat pump will perform. A quality system installed by a skilled technician ensures that your heating and cooling system is off to a good start. How you take care of it over the years will determine how long it lasts and how efficiently and effectively it performs.

Some of the best ways to get the best out of your heat pump:

  1. Change the filters - It seems so simple, and it is! It's the type of task you can do yourself or let an industry pro handle for you! Don't overlook the importance of routinely changing your filters. It doesn't take much for accumulated dirt and debris to slow or completely block the airflow, so stay diligent about your filters to improve your heating and cooling system.
  2. Use the thermostat - Even better, upgrade to a smart or programmable thermostat. Don't make your system work harder than necessary, especially if you're using a heat pump in conjunction as a supplemental resource paired with a furnace for heat or fans for cooler air. Adjusting the temperature gives your heat pump a chance to work less, lowering energy costs.
  3. Schedule a tune-up - There's no way to stress enough the importance of preventative maintenance. Schedule routine seasonal maintenance and tune-ups to avoid potential repair issues, monitor the performance and keep it running efficiently.

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