Gas Log Fireplaces in Tacoma

For stylish and cozy warmth, gas log fireplaces are the obvious choice! Let World Class Services professionally install your new fireplace today!

People in the Puget Sound love the look and style that flickering flames bring to their homes. Gas logs are a hassle-free alternative to a real fireplace or wood stove. There’s no dealing with chopping wood, inhaling smoke or cleaning up soot and ash!

When you want beautiful, ambient warmth, have World Class Services in Tacoma, WA carefully installs a gas log fireplace. We take pride in making sure the style and price tag fit your taste! And once your gas log system is up and running, we’ll handle expert maintenance and repairs to protect your investment.

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Why Choose a Gas Log Fireplace?

The main reason customers choose gas logs is because of the charming touch it adds to living areas and bedrooms. But several great benefits make these beautiful systems a real knockout:

  • No chopping or buying wood
  • $25

  • No chimney necessary
  • Economical energy source that’s cheaper to run
  • Consistent, ambient warmth
  • Remote control capabilities
  • Safer than a real fire

Types of Gas Log Fireplaces

When choosing your gas log fireplace for installation, you’ll likely be most concerned with how it looks in your space. But how it works is also important. Gas log fireplaces come with options like:

  • PROPANE GAS: Great for homes that don’t already have natural gas access. Burns hotter due to higher carbon content, but more expensive to use than natural gas.
  • NATURAL GAS: An affordable option for homes that currently have natural gas lines. Safer to use than propane.
  • VENTED: More realistic burning but require a chimney flue, which causes heat to escape. Less danger of carbon monoxide exposure.
  • VENT-FREE: Incredibly efficient, but not as much heat output. Easier to install and use less gas. Not as visually appealing.

There are many details to consider when heating your home with gas log fireplaces. We want to make sure you have the safest and most desirable system for your needs. Call World Class Services to discuss gas log fireplace installation in Pierce County and surrounding cities.

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Routine Maintenance to Keep Your Fireplace Running Properly

Like any HVAC system, gas log fireplaces require some maintenance to stay in tip-top shape. With a bit of professional attention, you can enjoy years of elegant heating. Call in the experts to inspect, clean and repair things like:

  • Pilots and burner assembly
  • Pilot safety system
  • Ignition and combustion components
  • Chimney draw
  • Gaskets, hinges, and doors
  • Fan function
  • Wire connections

Discuss the beautiful and convenient features of a gas log fireplace with World Class Services. We’ll educate you on your options and expertly install your equipment. Call 253-343-0000 today!