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Ductless Systems: Personalize The Comfort Level Room-By-Room In Kent

Ductless hvac

World Class Services wants to make every option available to Kent area homeowners, including ductless systems. Whether your property doesn't already have ductwork or you have an open concept floorplan that would benefit better from zoned, localized temperature control, ductless is an option to consider. And even though we offer premium duct cleaning service, it's not something you have to worry about if you opt for ductless mini splits.

Going ductless means implementing a groundbreaking system into your interior living space that can improve your indoor climate. Homeowners appreciate the ability to mount indoor units in locations that work cohesively with their interior design aesthetic instead of disrupting the natural flow. Stop trying to work your design plan around fixed window units, radiators, or other immovable components.

Choose high-quality ductless systems to improve your airflow, indoor temperatures, and quality of living. You'll also appreciate better energy efficiency for lower utility costs and a greener household.

Ducting Heating Systems

As the preferred heating contractor for Kent area projects and services, we know a thing or two about ductless systems. We like to share our knowledge with our customers to educate you about your options.

Ductless is the ideal solution for heating and cooling, and you'll love some of the advantages you probably haven't even thought of yet:

  • Easy to install
  • Simple and less invasive
  • Quiet, almost silent operating system
  • Zone control for varied temperatures throughout your home
  • Up to 50% lower energy consumption than traditional AC units

Finally, no ductwork means no problem! The setup is simple, and the profile is modern, making it the ideal fit for any home.

Get the heating level you want inside your home, and each individual room, with a mini-split system.

Mini-Splits & Ductless Air Conditioning

Cool off this summer with a revolutionary approach to traditional air conditioning. Our ductless mini split AC is a perfect solution for many situations.

Any property owner can appreciate the improved energy efficiency. Over time, you'll see savings that offset the initial investment cost of a ductless system. Plus, no cleaning or repairs for your ductwork over the years. It's a win-win scenario for any homeowner.

To find out more about this energy-efficient, user-friendly heating and cooling system, contact World Class Services right away. Call us in Kent to learn about ductless systems, and let us schedule your installation appointment immediately.

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