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About World Class Services - A Skilled Kent HVAC Contractor


World Class Services is more than another HVAC contractor serving the fine folks of Kent and the surrounding greater metro area. We're committed to giving! How does the top local heating contractor contribute to the community by giving back?

We're able to give to our employees through mentorship, excellent benefits, and above-average compensation. We give to our customers through important programs like AC maintenance and by offering stellar service. This approach enables us to have continued success, so we can give to our families and the community. When you need a professional HVAC Contractor, hire one that cares about the industry, the customers, and the world around us.

Providing Indoor Comfort Solutions

As a dedicated top local heating contractor in Kent, we aim to provide prompt and professional service. We focus on assessing the problem, correctly diagnosing it, and providing top-notch service to rectify the situation. Choose an HVAC Contractor that's committed to excellence and focused on resolving the issue on the first trip.

We promise to be on time, offer upfront pricing, and provide 100% customer satisfaction. We're the veteran-owned and operated HVAC Contractor to trust in Kent, so call now to schedule your service appointment.

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