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Sewer line video inspections allow plumbers to conduct visual evaluations of your sewer lines, including the pipes that are buried under your home’s cement foundation. At World Class Services in Tacoma, WA, we utilize state-of-the-art sewer video inspections as part of our sewer drain services. We can inspect the condition of your main sewer line without costly and unsightly excavation. We use plumbing video cameras as a part of our sewer line inspection process for those tough to get to underground drains.

Sewer camera inspections should only be conducted by a licensed plumbing expert. Call us today for complete plumbing services 24 hours a day, flat-rate pricing, and savings through energy-efficient plumbing upgrades. Military and first responders are always welcome and receive discounts.

Did you know that sewer excavation is not always necessary to fix a blocked sewer line?

What Exactly is a Sewer Video Drain Inspection?

Sewer line video inspections are when a licensed plumber carefully inserts a rod with a tiny, high-resolution camera attached to the tip into your main sewer line. These minute cameras are able to reach deep inside the pipes to transmit to us the condition inside your drain lines on an external monitor.

Video camera inspections are a way to determine the condition of your sewer line before we begin the job. It eliminates the need for expensive excavation on your property. Always work with a certified plumbing contractor when you need sewer line restoration.

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Benefits of Sewer Camera Inspections

Sewer video inspections consist of a tiny camera attached to the end of a pliable rod which is used by plumbers to spot potential red flags before they get worse. Here are 4 more reasons why a sewer line inspection is such a useful tool:

  • Locate a leak or water break: Sewer inspection cameras can locate the exact spot where the leak is.
  • Excavation is not required: Eliminates the need to dig a trench in your lawn.
  • Determine sewer status: Sewer video inspections are a non-invasive way to determine the condition of your pipes before digging.
  • Reference video: Sewer drain camera inspections provide a visual reference of your sewer pipes for your own use or for insurance purposes. The camera will provide evidence of the exact state of your sewer lines.

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When to Use a Video Drain Inspection

In general, sewer video inspections are used when digging into the ground is not possible. They are also very useful when remodeling a bath or kitchen because they allow for a visual examination of the state of your sewer line and to confirm that it can handle the increased water demands. Sewer video inspections may be used whenever there is a blockage that does not respond to snaking, hydro jetting, or augering.

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