Radiant Heating in Tacoma

Nothing says luxury like floor heating! World Class Services delivers a luxury experience with impressive service and superior radiant heating installation—call now!

The Puget Sound has its fair share of crisp mornings and frosty nights. What better way to keep your toes toasty than with the decadent comfort of warm floors and ambient heat? Radiant floor heating is a great, economical choice for all-over warmth in your Tacoma, WA home!

World Class Services can expertly design and place heated floors that are efficient, easy to maintain and enjoyable to use. We’ll customize heating solutions to meet your unique needs, and install your new system with the highest level of work. For friendly service and jaw-dropping results, contact our experienced team today! And be sure to ask about our hero discounts!

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What Is a Radiant Heating System?

Nothing seems as posh as heated floors, but how do these systems work? Radiant heat uses a patterned layout of either water pipes or wiring to move heat through your home. Usually, these pipes or wires are placed under the floor, because of the desirable feeling of warmth directly to touch. However, we can also run the radiant system through your walls or ceilings. The best option depends entirely on your home and needs. Give World Class Services a call to discuss the best design and type of system for your Pierce County home!

Benefits That Go Beyond Luxury

Heated floors may sound like something from a swanky Puget Sound penthouse, but this heating option is becoming increasingly common in any home. There are many benefits that go beyond decadent floor warmth:

  • Even heat flow throughout the home
  • More efficient affordable than forced air
  • Inside temps feel warmer because of the way heat is distributed
  • Extremely quiet
  • Exceptional indoor air quality from no dust circulation

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Overall Savings From Radiant Heat

Customers who upgrade to radiant home heating reduce their expenses from 10-30%. In commercial buildings, the savings can reach 60% due to the efficiency of these modern heaters!

Because of the way ambient warmth moves through your property, and because of the touch-point of warmth directly on your feet, the indoor temperature often feels warmer. Customers tend to run their system at a lower temp, further decreasing the cost to use this system.

These systems also offer even and consistent heat throughout your home, without working harder to create heat. Overall, you’ll see dramatic savings when investing in radiant heating!

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