Foundation Drain Services in Tacoma

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A foundation drain is a pipe that is located around the foundation of a house. Its purpose is to stop water from collecting around it. If the foundation pipe isn’t draining properly, it can destroy your foundation. Wet basements and cracked foundations are expensive to restore so know always work with a licensed plumber to work on your foundation drain line if it becomes blocked.

World Class Services in Tacoma, WA is the area’s most trusted plumbing contractor. We are your go-to foundation drainage service company, providing drainage around house foundations, foundation drains pipe clearing, and clogged footing drain service.

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Your Clogged Footing Drain Specialists

A footing drain is a drainpipe that is located along the wall footing of the home’s foundation. Its purpose is to drain water away from the structure. As time goes by, however, soil, tree roots, and other debris will clog your foundation drain pipe. If this happens to you, call World Class Services for immediate service. We are footing drainage experts and we are ready to provide immediate foundation drain pipe clearing. Waiting too long to get help can result in flooding inside your home and expensive damage to your property.

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Consequences of Poor Foundation Drainage

If the water runoff around the home’s foundation isn’t draining properly, cracking can occur due to unleveled soil. With time, the soil may erode, causing a shift in your foundation as the soil is less stable. Clogged gutters and downspout drains that improperly angled will exacerbate the problem. Groundwater can also penetrate through the soil if it collects too closely to the exterior foundation drain.

Excess moisture, wall damage, wood rotting, peeling paint, may occur due to poor foundation drainage. In a worst-case scenario, the structure may sink into the ground and even collapse.

Don’t let this happen to your house! Call the foundation drain professionals at World Class Services to restore your foundation drainage issues. We are available 24 hours a day for emergencies.

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Why Proper Foundation Drainage is So Important

With time, gravity and climate fluctuations will cause the streets in your neighborhood to shift or slide toward the homes nearby. This results in pressure and cracking to the foundation of these homes as the soil around the foundation expands.

Here are the components of a proper foundation drainage system:

  • Ample distance between trees and the structure or foundation
  • Gutters and downspouts that are well-maintained and directed below the soil surface
  • Footing drain pipes to collect water and direct it away from the foundation
  • Drain pipes placed alongside the foundation footing
  • Conforms to local building codes

Your downspouts should adequately direct water away from your house and your home’s foundation. If you need professional help, call World Class Services for prompt foundation drain service.

World Class Services in Tacoma, WA is your foundation drain cleaning specialist, offering clogged footing drain repair, and exterior foundation drain services. Call 253-343-0000 to schedule service!