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At World Class Services, your comfort is our top priority. Each of our team members shares a passion for providing the best customer experience to all our clients. We are available round the clock, offering 24-hour air conditioning repair services in DuPont, WA, and surrounding areas. Some of our cooling services include:

  • AC maintenance services
  • Air Conditioner tune up
  • Central AC installation
  • Emergency AC service
  • AC repair
  • And more

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What Do New Cooling Systems Have That Older Ones Don’t?

  • They’re easier on the environment: New AC units are more eco-friendly.
  • Greater reliability: Most newer systems come with warranties, offering greater reliability and peace of mind.
  • More energy efficient: Newer units expend up to 50% less energy than older models.

What Are Some Simple Ways to Lower Your Cooling Costs?

  • Close blinds, curtains and shades: Whatever your window treatments, you can significantly lower your cooling costs by keeping them drawn as that will prevent solar heat gain.
  • Avoid heat buildup during the day: When the outdoor temperatures are higher than indoors, try to avoid activities that generate heat such as using the clothes dryer or dishwasher and cooking on the stovetop.
  • Maintain cooling systems: Properly caring for your equipment will go a long way towards maintaining your unit’s efficiency and lowering cooling costs.
  • Run your AC more economically: Using a programmable thermostat and setting your unit as high as comfortably possible can also decrease your summer cooling bill.
  • Use a fan: While fans don’t lower the temperature in a room, they make you feel cooler and allow you to raise the thermostat with little to no discomfort.

You don’t have to wait for your AC to give out to contact us. Call us today to schedule an AC tune-up.

Why Is It Important to Get Routine AC System Maintenance?

  • You will cut down on your energy bills
  • Your system will run more efficiently
  • Your system does a better job of cooling your home
  • You will need fewer repairs
  • Your system will last longer

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