Air Conditioning Repair in Tacoma

Need a tune-up for your AC? Call World Class Services at 253-343-0000 for professional care and attention to detail!

As a homeowner in the Puget Sound, the last thing you should spend your hard-earned cash on is a busted air conditioner! You can avoid expensive repairs by giving your AC a little extra attention every year.

At World Class Services in Tacoma, WA, we’re saving customers from the stress and expense of broken air conditioners. We can keep your AC running smoothly and efficiently with regular maintenance. And when an eventual breakdown occurs, we keep the costs down with flat-rates and trustworthy recommendations. We’ll never sell you what you don’t need! Our knowledgeable crew is ready to assist you with expert AC repairs or maintenance.

Did you overlook annual maintenance and run into an AC problem? It’s cool—we offer 24/7 emergency service!

How to Tell if Your AC Needs Service

Sometimes all your AC needs is a new air filter to perform better. But other times, your AC is sending warning signs that there’s a larger problem at hand. If your equipment is making unusual noises, cooling unevenly, or is costing a fortune to run, then it’s crying out for attention from a pro!

A comprehensive inspection by a licensed and trained technician will get your AC in tip-top shape. At World Class Services, we love educating Pierce County on how to keep their home’s consistently cool! We can make you aware of any worn out parts or future problems. We’ll help you change the filter and can even improve your air quality with ductwork cleaning!

Avoid Repairs and Keep Your AC Running Smoothly

How much effort does it take to keep your AC running? This can depend on the type of system, age of equipment, how often you use it and if there have been any prior repairs. To avoid problems in the future:

  • Consistently replace air filters
  • Clean evaporator coils as needed
  • Clear debris away from outside components
  • Keep your outdoor unit well-insulated
  • Schedule annual tune-ups

Not sure how to do these things yourself? Our crew can change your filters, lubricate the motor, test your ducts, check the electrical parts, and remove yard debris from around your outdoor unit. Schedule your maintenance today and avoid future AC mishaps!

If your AC is over 15 years old, repairing might not be an option. We can help with a AC installation to upgrade your comfort!

What Common AC Problem Are You Experiencing?

Air conditioners are complicated systems. There are many moving parts, fluids, and electrical components. If one problem occurs, it can affect other parts of your system. Here are the most common AC problems World Class Services encounters in Pierce County:

  • Broken thermostat
  • Blown fuses
  • Worn-out parts
  • Flipped circuit breaker
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Frozen Coils

Need honest advice for your broken AC? Call World Class Services at 253-343-0000 for trusted recommendations today!