AC Refrigerant Leak Repair in Tacoma

AC cooling power should impress! Let World Class Services give your evaporator coils quality care for better performance!

Is the cool air from your air conditioner not reaching desirable temperatures? Are you noticing warm air or low airflow in your Puget Sound home? The root of the problem could be due to a refrigerant leak.

World Class Services in Tacoma, WA has a licensed, insured and experienced crew capable of getting to the heart of your AC issue. With an in-home inspection, we can use a technical approach to test for leaks. With an accurate diagnosis and fast work, we’ll get your comfort under control! And be sure to ask about our military and first responder discounts.

Seasonal maintenance can help you detect refrigerant leaks early-on. Schedule your AC tune-up today!

What Is AC Refrigerant?

Every type of air conditioning system needs some sort of coolant to create that welcome blast of icy air. Refrigerant, commonly referred to as Freon, is a key player in your AC’s cooling process. This chemical cycles from liquid to gas, and back to its initial liquid form during the phases of cooling. Because refrigerant is a chemical, it can be harmful to humans and pets when it leaks from your system.

The Cause of Refrigerant Leaks

People often think that refrigerant runs out with time and use. Or like oil in a car, it goes bad eventually. But if your system is well-sealed, refrigerant can be compressed and cycle from gas to liquid again and again.

Instead, you can lose refrigerant in a variety of ways during the liquid or gas state:

  • Small punctures
  • Faulty installation
  • Unit defects from factory
  • Corrosion of metal components

The World Class Services team can detect your refrigerant leak and find the best possible solution for repair. Give us a call when you need AC help in Pierce County and surrounding areas!

Worried about a refrigerant leak after hours? No problem! We’ll come to you for around the clock service any time you need us!

The Bad Side of Refrigerant Leaks

Because refrigerant manifests in a gaseous and liquid form, the chemical can be dangerous to your home and the people in it. Leaks be harmful to your:

  • HEALTH: Breathing gas refrigerant can lead to headaches, nausea and suffocation.
  • ENVIRONMENT: Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) is the most common refrigerant and is detrimental to the ozone layer of our atmosphere.
  • AIR CONDITIONER: A leak can cause significant damage over time, from less efficiency to complete malfunction. Don’t ignore a leak!

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