Tacoma Air Handler Services

Running into air flow problems? Let World Class Services inspect your air handler for better cooling performance!

One of the primary pieces of your cooling system is the ever-important air handler. This component holds many vital parts like the filter, blower motor, cooling elements and air circulators. When your air handler faces a problem, you’ll experience restricted air flow...or maybe no air flow whatsoever! When Puget Sound temperatures creep into the 90s, this just won’t do.

World Class Services in Tacoma, WA can keep your air handler working at peak conditions. We’ll help you decide if it’s time to repair or replace. We always deliver quality work, competitive rates, and the best solutions for that sticky, summer weather! We’re Veteran owned and operated, so be sure to mention if you’re in the military or a first responder for special discounts.

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What to Expect From Air Handler Replacement

Replacing your air handler isn’t the end of the world. It can actually come with several awesome benefits:

  • SAVE MONEY: Your system will operate more efficiently, lowering expenses.
  • BETTER RELIABILITY: Avoid breakdowns with consistent performance.
  • INCREASED LONGEVITY: Improve the overall lifespan of your AC.
  • FEWER REPAIRS: Reduce your expenses by avoiding regular repairs.
  • WASTE LESS: Better performance means a cheaper monthly energy bill.

While no one wants to deal with a broken AC, replacing worn-out parts comes with perks. Customers in Tacoma, WA love the results of World Class Services air handler replacements. Call today to achieve a better performance!

Curing Your Busted Air Handler

Because there are many parts associated with your air handler, any number of things could be wrong. An air handler can break in several ways including:

  • Burnt out motor
  • Blockage in the drain line
  • Clogged filters
  • Worn-out belts

In-home inspections are the best way to pinpoint and troubleshoot the correct issue. Our trained technicians can give an accurate diagnosis and repair or replace your air handler. We’ll find you the best solution as fast as possible!

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Increased Lifespan From Professional Care

What’s the difference between your average handyman and a qualified HVAC professional? Quality workmanship. Knowledge, experience, and careful work have a big impact on the lifespan of your equipment.

If life-expectancy and high-performance levels are important to you, give your air handler the care it deserves. With the latest techniques in the industry from a licensed professional, you’ll enjoy ongoing use from your air handler and HVAC system.

Call World Class Services at 253-343-0000 to schedule service for your air handler. We’ll repair what we can or replace to the highest standards!