Ductless Mini Split Services in Tacoma

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Staying cool on the hottest days means having the right system for your unique home. The layout and size of your home can have a big impact on your comfort. Ductless mini split heating and air conditioning systems are a prime choice for families in the Puget Sound with large floor plans and open layouts.

World Class Services can regulate comfort throughout your home with localized temperature control. Even without ductwork, we can direct chilly air wherever you need cooling power. Our licensed technicians in Tacoma, WA receive ongoing education to stay up-to-date on innovative systems like the ductless mini split. We’d love to share information on how this groundbreaking system can improve your indoor climate!

Would you rather stick with a traditional AC? We can assist with ductwork and central AC installation.

Benefits of Installing a Ductless Heating and Air System

No ductwork? No problem! That’s just one of the many benefits to installing a ductless mini split air conditioner and heating system. Other benefits include:

  • 25-50% lower energy use than a conventional AC
  • Direct different temperatures in different rooms with zone control
  • Longer lifespan that standard AC (up to 20 years)
  • Simple and less invasive to install
  • Quiet when using

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Will a Mini Split System Save Me Money?

Buying a new AC is always a big investment, but some systems save you money over time. A ductless mini split AC is one of those systems!

Thanks to better efficiency and zoned climate control, you can choose to cool only certain areas of your home. This can save the average household up to 50% on monthly energy bills! Over time, you can count on this unit paying for itself. Save your money and spend it on a nice summer day trip to Puget Sound instead! Call World Class Services for competitive pricing and quick installation in Tacoma, WA!

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Easy Installation Leads to Fast Comfort

Ductless mini split installation is relatively hassle-free. With the help of an expert, you can get cool air to any room quick and easy, especially compared to standard central cooling units.

Installation for these systems is less-invasive because you don’t have to deal with ductwork. All these systems need is a small hole, around 3 inches, in the wall or ceiling. We recommend these systems for ease of use, cost-efficiency, and longevity.

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