Air Cleaners & Filtration Services in Tacoma

Want your indoor air quality to compete with the freshness of the mountain air? Call World Class Services for the purest solutions with air cleaning and filtration!

Good outdoor air quality is on everyone’s minds...But how often do you consider your indoor air quality? Germs, pollutants, dust and allergens in the home are a big concern for HVAC users in the Puget Sound. That’s why whole home air filtration and purification have become a top request for our customers!

World Class Services delivers fresh air with innovative improvements to your air quality. Get ready to breathe easy and feel the difference with a veteran owned and operated company that cares. Protect your home with a proactive approach to your indoor conditions in Tacoma, WA—we’ll find you the best solution for clean, fresh air!

Good air quality can be achieved with simple air filter replacement. We can help with that!

Top Benefits of Air Cleaner Installation

Air cleaners are a bold way to truly improve the living conditions in your home. Have you heard the hype about what you’ll experience after installing one of these systems? Homeowners love benefits like:

  • Fewer allergy attacks
  • Better quality of life for people with asthma
  • Fresher smell throughout the interior of your home
  • Eliminates airborne bacteria and germs
  • Reduced colds and flus throughout the year

The best way to a holistically healthy life comes from a more aggressive approach. Innovations in air cleaning technology can bring your home to the highest level of air purity!

Expected Air Cleaner Maintenance

To keep your air clear of contaminants, basic maintenance is required. Routine vacuuming of the system is the first step in removing dust. An experienced pro knows to pay close attention to the exterior panels and grills.

These units use mechanical HEPA style filters, which should be changed 2-4 times per year depending on your household.

For UV air purifiers, bulbs need to be replaced occasionally. Just like a standard lightbulb, they will degrade and can burn out in time.

Air purification systems should be professionally inspected each year to guarantee it works as it should. Call today for an expert eye in the greater Pierce County area.

Your indoor conditions could be suffering from poorly-functioning equipment. Schedule a heater tune-up today!

Do I Need One of These Systems?

Is your home a good candidate for one of these advanced systems? Consider your household needs and lifestyle to decide if an air purifier, UV sanitizer or whole home filtration system is right for you.

These are a good option if you have family members who are:

  • Smokers
  • Allergy-prone
  • Pet lovers
  • Vulnerable to asthma or respiratory problems

Or if your home is prone to:

  • Excessive dust
  • Odor issues
  • Mold problems

Need help deciding? We’d be happy to discuss your family’s needs before you invest in this home improvement. We keep integrity at the forefront with honest advice!

Our dedicated technicians offer sound advice on improving your indoor living. Call 253-343-0000 for trustworthy recommendations on air quality technology today!